During the current "lockdown" we will publish links to a new batch of YouTube Scottish Country Dance videos, puzzles & other "fun stuff" each week. We hope you enjoy the Scottish Country Dance related music and videos.

5th August 2020   The RSCDS Online Class   (class starts at around 22 minutes)
                               "At Home" Podcast 
                               Puzzles and more (including answers to the puzzles from last week) in
                               "Dance Scottish at Home" Click here    

                               A Summer Celebration  
                               Monday 27th to Friday 31st July (plus bonus Saturday evening!)
                               Catch up with the full programme of events each day here

                              The online classes will continue each week after the Summer Celebration but
                              "Dance Scottish at Home" will be every 2 weeks - 7th, 21st August, 4 September

                    Listen to Radio Scotland online  White Background clipart - Radio, Drawing, Technology, transparent ...      
                    "Take the Floor" - Saturday 8th August (live 7-9pm and on website after) Mortdale Scottish Country Dance Club - Clipart Scottish Country ...  
                     "Take the Floor Requests"  - Sunday 9th August (live 5-7pm and on website after)
                      You can have a request played if you email Take the Floor  or text to 80295 during the
                      live Sunday programme



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