During the current "lockdown" we will publish links to Scottish Country Dance videos, puzzles & other "fun stuff" each week. We hope you enjoy the Scottish Country Dance related music and videos.

23rd October 2020       The RSCDS Online Class (from Wednesday 21st - starts at around 21 minutes)

16th October 2020      The RSCDS Online Class (from Wednesday 14th - starts at around 21 minutes)
                                     "At Home" Podcast 
(New edition this week)                             
"Dance Scottish at Home" Puzzles, RSCDS News and so much more)

                              The online classes will continue each week but "Dance Scottish at Home" will be
                              every 2 weeks - Next DSAH 30th October

                       Music from Scotland
                       Ewan Galloway with a 1 hour "live" session of Scottish Country Dance music
                       interspersed with popular tunes requested by the Facebook audience
                                                                    Music From Scotland    
                      Internet radio station playing every 'flavour' of music from the Scottish music scene.
                      Look out for "The Sunday Ceilidh"  "The Scottish Shindig"  which feature Scottish Country
                      dance music by bands old and new. Available 24/7.
                      Click on the link below to see the full schedule for the live broadcast programmes.

                    "Take the Floor" - Saturday 17th October (live 7-9pm and on website after)
                                                              Mortdale Scottish Country Dance Club - Clipart Scottish Country ...
                      "Take the Floor Requests"  - Sunday 18th October (live 5-7pm and on website after)
                      You can have a request played if you email Take the Floor  or text to 80295 during the
                      live Sunday programme
                                                                Mortdale Scottish Country Dance Club - Clipart Scottish Country ...                                                



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