St Stephen's Church Hall, Prenton Lane, Birkenhead CH42 8LA       

     Tuesday Evenings

 Adult General Class                 8.15 - 10.15 pm

Beginners are welcome to attend the Adult General Class - some time in each class is devoted to "revising"  basic figures and formations of dances or learning/practising the more advanced or complex figures, enabling those new to Scottish Country Dancing to acquire the skills necessary to progress quickly.  More experienced dancers are always there to help and encourage new dancers.  

Some dances, particularly those in the second half of the evening (after the "tea break") are likely to be more demanding and not suitable for beginners.

The next  class is on Tuesday, 27th June 2017 

Welcome to Ayr Jig 8x32 video
The Summer Assembly Reel (Square set) video
The Duchess Tree Strathspey 8x32 video
Spiffin' Jig 5x32 (Square set) video
Summer Wooing Reel 8x32 video
Granville Market Jig 8x32 video
City of Belfast Strathspey 3x32 (3 couple set) video
Highland Rambler Reel 8x40 video
Shiftin' Bobbins Reel 8x32 video

Minicrib Recap (.doc format)

Minicrib Recap (pdf)

     It would help to have an experienced dancer as your partner

A more challenging dance which will be danced after the tea break.

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