Summer Dance 2020

Saturday 6th June 2020
7.30 - 11.00 pm
St Nicholas Hall & Function Suite, Harrison Hall
Harrison Drive, Wallasey  CH45 3HL

Tickets: 12 (Children 6.00)
Supper Included

Dancing to Nicol McLaren and The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band

Walk through for all dances

1.    Granville Market (Jig 8x32) video
2.    More Bees A-Dancing (Reel 8x32) video
3.    Sauchie Haugh (Strathspey 6x32) video
4.    Les Remparts De Seville (Jig 8x32) video
5.    The Summer Assembly (Reel 1x88) video
6.    Glengarry Homestead (Strathspey 4x32) video
7.    Muirland Willie (Jig 8x32) video
8.    The Raven's Dance (Reel 8x32) video
9.    Catch The Wind (Reel 8x32) video
10.    The Paisley Weavers (Strathspey 3x32) video
11.    Joie De Vivre (Jig 8x32) video
12.    The Two Gray Cats (Reel 8x40) video
13.    Friendships (Strathspey 4x32) video
14.    A Capital Jig (Jig 8x32) video
15.    Swiss Lassie (Reel 8x32) video
16.    Sandy's Scotch Broth (Strathspey 3x32) video
17.    The De'il Amang The Tailors (Reel 8x32) video
Scott Meikle   (Reel 4x32) video
The Jubilee Jig (Jig 8x32) video
Auld Lang Syne
The Queen

Minicrib Recap (pdf format)

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