Christmas Dance 2017

Saturday 2nd December 2017
7.00 - 10.30 pm

St Nicholas Hall & Function Suite
Harrison Hall
Harrison Drive, Wallasey  CH45 3HL

Tickets: £7 (Children £3.50)

Dancing to recorded music
Supper Included

Walk through for all dances

1.    Be Seeing You (Jig 4x32)  
2.    The Laird of Milton's Daughter (Jig 8x32) video
3.    Maxwell's Rant (Reel 8x32) video
4.    Neidpath Castle (Strathspey 3x32) video
5.    The Cranberry Tart (Jig 8x32) video
6.    The Lochalsh Reel (R8x40) video
7.    Broadway (Strathspey 3x32) video
8.    Rothesay Rant (Jig 4x32) video
9.    Fife Ness (Reel 8x32) video
10.  Granville Market (Jig 8x32) video
11.    Mathilde Is A Delight (Strathspey 3x32) video
12.    The Countess of of Dunmore's Reel (Reel 8x32) video
13.    Inchmickery (Jig 5x32) video
14.    The Singing Sands (Strathspey 3x32) video
15.    The Kissing Bridge (Reel 8x32) video
16.    The Wandering Wallaby (Jig 4x32) video
17.    12 Coates Crescent (Strathspey 4x32) video
18.    The Whistling Wind (Reel 8x32) video
19.    The De'il Amang The Tailors (Reel 8x32)
The Sailor   (R8x32) video
The Kelloholm Jig (J8x32) video
The Montgomeries' Rant (R8x32)
Auld Lang Syne
The Queen


Printed MiniCrib Recaps will be issued with tickets

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