Scottish Tradition - Music and Dance

Scottish Country Dancing is the traditional social dancing of Scotland and can trace its roots back to the 18th and 19th centuries. At this time, many outstanding teachers and musicians, especially fiddlers, gave new life to traditional music, writing and publishing many lively reels or jigs and slower, graceful strathspeys.


There are Scottish Country Dance groups all over the world where Scottish Country Dancing is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Dancers can travel anywhere in the world and be assured of a warm welcome by local dancers.


Scottish Country Dancing is a social form of dancing danced in sets usually with three or four 'couples, quite unlike Highland Dancing which is usually solo dancing, and might even be considered a sport! Scottish dress is NOT required to attend classes, dances or balls and you do not need a partner to join RSCDS Wirral Branch and take part in all its functions.



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